Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Buy the Apple iPad tablet PC, 16GB or 64GB, with Wifi online.

This Apple iPad tablet PC effectively is the new generation mobile laptop. It has all the features that any laptop gives you and the added bonus of full portability. The keyboard was the thing that needed improvement in order to bring the iPad up to the standard of the laptop.

Apple has improved their keyboard on this new iPad so much that you will be happy to use it constantly to write documents, spreadsheets and reports all day.

The Apple iPad outreaches a normal laptop for battery life performance. Ten hours of battery power with one charge, yes ten hours. That is impressive and Apple has come up trumps with their battery performance. The size of the screen is a comfortable 9.7inches. 

You can use your Apple iPad all day when you are out and about. This iPad is really the best in portable and mobile laptops on the market today.

3D movies and your favourite TV shows

The Apple iPad allows you to download and watch 3D movies and your favourite TV shows, on the move instantly.

The Apple iPad, 16GB and 64GB with Wifi is available to buy online at Amazon now.The improved keyboard functions and applications available on the Apple iPad make it the best iPad available to buy online as a Christmas gift this year.
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