Sunday, October 3, 2010

The new Kindle DX Reader

If you are looking for an electronic reader to buy for yourself or as a Christmas gift then look no further than the impressive new Kindle DX Reader. The technology of the Readers is improving all the time with bigger screens and better displays. With these new improvements this means they are now easier to read and more enjoyable to use.

The new generation Kindle DX has improved electronic ink display and the contrast has been improved by 50%. That means a much better reading experience for you. The screen is now also a very large 9.7" in size. This means easier and more pleasurable reading and better photos and videos.
You can also take this Kindle DX on holiday with you because it has 3G wireless and works in one hundred countries around the world. All this makes the Kindle DX one of the best selling Christmas gifts online for your family or yourself.

Buy the Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device online as a Christmas gift. The new Kindle DX is available from Amazon online now! 
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