Sunday, September 30, 2012

What is Telestrations?!

Telestrations telephone game  is the hottest new family game for 2012. It is a sort of combination of the old telephone game mixed with Pictionary. I like that the entire family can play, young and old.

How To Play Telestrations:
The person who goes first is given a pad that has eight re-writable pages. On the first page they draw a picture of the "word" that they were given. Then they give the pad with the picture showing to the next person. That person writes down a word of what they think the picture is. Then they pass the pad to the next person. That person has to draw a picture of the word. The game continues until the end. When of course you read all the words and show all the pictures. It really is hilarious.

If you are looking for adding a new board game to your families collection of games, then you need to make sure Telestrations is under your tree this Christmas. It is going to be a hit with the family for sure!

Home Made Telestrations Game
You could easily play a home version of Telestrations by using index cards. Just give each person an index cards and pen.

This game is best played with 6 to 8 people.

Telestrations the Telephone Game Sketched Out!

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